Dr Cheryl Hache Chiropractic

Let life inspire you every day to go out and chase your dreams.  Take the lead, and take charge to make the decisions that will get you there. 
Stimulate the nervous system.  Repair tissue.  Improve function and feel great!
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    Spinal health for overall health
    Dr. Cheryl believes that everyone should have the best of the best when it comes to healthcare, and that everyone deserves to feel their best for all the years they live. What Dr. Cheryl does, is specific Chiropractic mobilization and manipulation with specific advice to get you on track to optimizing the health of you nervous system and body. You may or may not hear a crack, and there are several techniques used to make sure it is the technique that you are most comfortable with. It is no secret that pain and tension in the body contributes to a less than ideal level of happiness and quality of life. Chiropractic is a safe and effective way to address general physical and neurologic stress. When we explore Chiropractic beyond pain, we get so many comments on what has changed beyond the pain. It is a wonderful place to be. Those who choose Chiropractic care for life begin to feel healthier and make better choices in their life. It is with that in mind, that Dr. Cheryl likes to think of patients as members of her family where like-minded individuals can encourage each other to stay informed about making healthy decisions.
  2. Low Level Laser Therapy
    Low Level Laser Therapy
    The Meditech Bioflex Laser is the best way to stimulate tissue repair in the body. Occasionally the body needs a boost to help it repair, and this is what the laser provides. It stimulates your own body's ability to heal.
  3. Insight COREscore
    Insight COREscore
    Every patient receives a spinal scan and score with Dr. Cheryl. There are three scans that provide us with a starting point. After a series of appointments, patients are re-scanned to see the progress that Chiropractic care is providing. This is especially helpful when pain is not the primary reason for treatment and so that parents can understand what kind of stress their children are experiencing.