Dr Cheryl Hache Chiropractic

Let life inspire you every day to go out and chase your dreams.  Take the lead, and take charge to make the decisions that will get you there. 
Dr. Cheryl Macdonald DC
Dr. Cheryl is dedicated to bringing a service that goes above and beyond, to maximize the benefits of Chiropractic care.  Dr. Cheryl provides a gentle approach for pregnant women and newborns, as well as traditional Chiropractic manipulation when needed. 
Many people new to Chiropractic are not sure what to expect.  Browse here to understand a little more of what who we are and what we do.
Dr. Macdonald's educational background
- Practicing Chiropractic since 2012
- Currently specializing in Pediatric care
- Webster - prenatal - certified
- Here to serve your specific needs
Why pediatrics are so important to Dr. Cheryl:

We all start out as babies, develop, and grow into adults and deal with issues that may have started when we were as young as infants.  Chiropractic for infants has the amazing ability to correct issues before they become bigger issues.

My philosophy is to live to our fullest potential.  Chiropractic looks at the minute details of stress to the nervous system by looking at the cranium, the spine, the muscular structure.  By addressing the strain to our system, we allow the body to develop to its fullest potential.
This is a group of ladies eager to provide you with services that keep you doing what you love.

About the Doctor

" The spine houses the nervous system.  Keep it moving, that is life giving."

Why Chiropractic?

" The spine houses the nervous system.  Keep it moving, that is life giving."  

When I start thinking about the purpose of life, it always brings me back to the body and how we only get to experience life if we are free to live without worry, or fear or pain.   So often, there is something we can do about all of those things, but we need to BElieve that change is possible, that good things are possible, that we are more in control of our circumstance than we have been led to believe.  That is the purpose that drives me to share Chiropractic with everyone, whether you are young or old, we see great changes in anyone who really BElieves they can change for the better, it's simply a matter of learning, doing, encorporating daily routines that bring you to life, versus away from life.

Starting out as an undergraduate student, health quickly became a priority in her personal life, it took years to figure out where she would best serve others as a health care practitioner.
This passion led Dr. Cheryl to explore all fields that help us heal, and Chiropractic really fit in with her belief system that lifestyle decisions we make every day are extremely important when striving for a happy, healthy, and long life.

Dr. Cheryl believes that everyone should have the best of the best when it comes to healthcare, and that everyone deserves to feel their best for all the years they live. 

What Dr. Cheryl does, is specific Chiropractic mobilization and manipulation these mobilizations can be extremely gentle, what we call tonal technique or the quick movements that reset motion with an audible sound.  Dr. Cheryl pairs this with specific advice to get you on track to optimizing the health of you nervous system and body.  You may or may not hear a crack, and there are several techniques used to make sure it is the technique that you are most comfortable with.

It is no secret that pain and tension in the body contributes to a less than ideal level of happiness and quality of life. Chiropractic is a safe and effective way to address general physical and neurologic stress.  When we explore Chiropractic beyond pain, we get so many comments on what has changed beyond the pain.  It is a wonderful to explore the effects of Chiropractic beyond what many of us consider it.

Those who choose Chiropractic care for life begin to feel healthier and make better choices in their life.  It is with that in mind, that Dr. Cheryl likes to think of patients as members of her family where like-minded individuals can encourage each other to stay informed about making healthy decisions.